Chris Cuomo’s coronavirus performance shows he is an insecure blowhard

If anything screams coastal liberal elite media bubble, it’s CNN’s decision to air this latest piece of performance art from Chris Cuomo. He and Brian Williams should take it on the road.

“Cleared by CDC,” he goes on — no, not by a mere doctor for our Chris, but the nation’s health protection agency, clearly plenty of free time on its hands. Then he wipes his brow with an open palm as he oh-so-casually announces “a little sweaty — just worked out, it happens.”

See? He’s still a tough guy, despite those nightly freak-outs from his well-appointed, million-dollar basement in the Hamptons.

“This is what I’ve been dreaming of, literally, for weeks,” Chris goes on, a regular Anne Frank of coronavirus. Then he greets his clearly overjoyed family — his wife, speaking for us all as she puts her arms out and leans way back as if to say, STAY AWAY. His children look on expressionless, but who knows how many takes of this totally spontaneous, non-reunion reunion they’ve had to endure? They’re not SAG members.