President Trump might never hold another rally

President Trump might never hold another re-election rally in person, at least if his campaign follows the warnings of health experts who say large gatherings of people might not be safe until “the later part of 2021.”

His campaign, though, maintains Trump hasn’t held his last rally just yet. “This coronavirus will pass and the president is looking forward to getting back out on the campaign trail and holding rallies,” his campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, told ABC News on Friday.

Health officials are less confident. “Larger gatherings — conferences, concerts, sporting events — when people say they’re going to reschedule this conference or graduation event for October 2020, I have no idea how they think that’s a plausible possibility,” Zeke Emanuel, the vice provost for global initiatives and director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, told New York Times Magazine recently. “I think those things will be the last to return. Realistically we’re talking fall 2021 at the earliest.”

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