Justin Amash should not run for president (in 2020)

To be clear: This isn’t an easy call. On one hand, we want to be for him—to have the joy and satisfaction of getting behind the constitutional superhero of our dreams.


But on the other hand, there is a downside risk to his running and the price of a second Trump term is too great for anyone to be playing dice with it.

Trump is not just a Bad Orange Man or guy with suboptimal policy preferences. He is a threat to pluralism, the Constitution, American’s health and safety, and the rule of law. He’s a threat to the very heart of our liberal democracy.

We know all of this deep in our bones. And we know Justin Amash knows it, too. It’s the reason his moral clarity has been so refreshing the past three years.

So the real question about his possible candidacy is a political one:

Could we be certain that a third-party campaign from a Constitutional conservative would not help Trump get reelected?

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

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