Why were only five polling places open in Milwaukee this week?

There are signs that poor planning and coordination among government officials made in-person voting in Wisconsin more dangerous than it had to be…

On April 1, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that Evers planned on using the National Guard to serve as poll workers at short-staffed sites, but that plan “was news to City of Milwaukee Election Commission Executive Director Neil Albrecht, who said Wednesday the city learned through media reports that the National Guard would be used at voting sites.”

“Had we had that information [about the National Guard] sooner, I absolutely think it could have influenced the number of voting centers,” Albrecht told the Capital Times on April 7. “The timing really did not allow us to maximize their presence and think about the possibility of opening more centers.”

Just how many more polling places could Milwaukee have opened up if officials had known about the National Guard earlier? “I’m just not going to speculate. I’m not going to dwell on this issue,” Albrecht tells National Review in an interview. “I don’t want to be pulled into a lot of finger-pointing around ‘Should this have happened sooner? Or: Is there more that could have been done in this area?’”

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