I deliver your food. Don't I deserve basic protections?

I can’t self-quarantine because not working is not an option. If I don’t make enough money, I can’t feed my children for the next six weeks. I’m not stopping, fever or no fever. And that’s what most other gig workers would do too, because none of us makes enough money to save up for an emergency like this.

The gig companies should get us through this crisis. We deserve emergency income support so we can stay afloat — and gig workers need minimum pay standards for the long run, so we have something saved before the next crisis comes. That’s why I’ve been working with the Pay Up campaign to pass laws that would protect tips, set a pay floor to ensure we make at least $15 an hour plus the expenses of driving and allow workers to know what they’re getting paid for a job and why.

Gig companies should provide pay for workers even when we can’t work. If they want to prevent us from spreading the virus, they need to pay us a basic income to stay home. They should also provide supplies like sanitizer to prevent exposure while mandating no-contact deliveries to keep workers safe. It would also be safer to go into a restaurant and not have any contact with the staff.