TrumpWorld descended on Mar-a-Lago as it became a coronavirus petri dish

Those present at the events, according to a Daily Beast scouring of public social media posts, included Trump family members, administration and campaign aides, donors, activists, at least one staffer for an allied U.S. senator, and some of the president’s most prominent media boosters.

The prospect of an outbreak amid the president’s inner circle was a wake-up call for a president who was initially reluctant to acknowledge the potential scale of the pandemic and convinced that his enemies were inflating its dangers to damage him. On Friday, just hours after his doctor said Trump wouldn’t need to be tested for coronavirus, he was, in fact, tested.

That was about a week after Trump visited Mar-a-Lago with Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel, who has self-quarantined and is awaiting the results of a coronavirus test. She reportedly has “flu-like” symptoms, which can resemble those of the virus.