Why China is rooting for Joe Biden to win 2020 presidential race

Nowadays, Biden might virtue-signal about a “rules-based international order” and human rights in China. But while he ­occupied the highest circles of American power, he did nothing to prevent China from subverting those rules to supplant and endanger America.

In practice, he upheld an “order” in which the US Navy guaranteed the security of Chinese resource imports and exports of finished goods made in state-subsidized factories.

Nowadays, Biden might call his old friend Xi a “thug” and yelp about Xinjiang and Hong Kong. But the Communist Party has long endured sanctimonious liberals. Listening to their ­harangues is a small price for a relationship that brings such prosperity and strength.

Americans are now woke to these realities. In today’s climate, a full return to the pre-Trump China consensus may not be possible, even for Biden. But the predictability of Biden would be a blessing to Beijing, as opposed to Trump or Sanders.