Coronavirus crashes Biden fundraising plans

The Biden campaign has postponed in-person fundraising events “indefinitely,” according to a memo distributed Thursday to staff and reviewed by POLITICO, instead replacing them with “virtual fundraisers” like conference calls or video events — a largely untested method of large-dollar political fundraising. The memo followed the cancellation of events Biden’s campaign had just scheduled in Miami, Chicago and the Tri-State area as state and local governments declared emergencies over the spread of coronavirus.

The changes come at a critical moment for Biden’s 2020 campaign, which is gathering momentum, adding to a delegate lead for the Democratic nomination and trying to build a machine capable of going toe to toe with Trump’s well-prepared campaign. Biden has seen a surge in donations, many of them online, since his primary victories in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday. But his campaign is now having to retool its big-donor-focused approach just as it was gaining steam…

The campaign is making adjustments to how it moves forward in wake of coronavirus-driven concerns about large group gatherings. The Biden campaign is discussing public health issues during the coronavirus pandemic with a team of experts, Nix said, including Dr. Zeke Emanuel, brother of former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.