"If I'm going to get sick and die, I might as well do it at DisneyWorld"

“I have been in the Orlando parks everyday for the past week and a half and they are as crowded as ever,” Mr. Antonelle said. “From the business-side what we’ve seen is business as usual. We’re not getting cancellations because of coronavirus and from being in the park, you wouldn’t know that anything is different.”

At Disney World on Friday, thousands of people filed into the Magic Kingdom, the most visited park there, as usual. Although guests had to press a touch-screen scanner for their fingerprint to enter the park, and put their bags into bins for a security guard to look through, hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance were not within an arm’s reach, but a few feet away. Few guests had masks on…

Corey Higgins, a mother of two who was at the park with her husband and children for the third time in her life, said she noticed additional hand sanitizer around the park and felt like she saw more people cleaning around the park.

“Me and my husband have been monitoring things, but didn’t feel like we needed to cancel our plans,” she said. “We have wipes, we have hand sanitizer, we aren’t elderly and honestly, if you’re going to get it, you’re going to get it. If I’m going to get sick and die, I might as well do it at Disney World.”

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