Sensible Americans might be saved from dismay in November

Together, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump would constitute the most repulsive presidential choice in U.S. history. The Democratic Party, however, is not the world’s oldest party because it fecklessly allows its presidential nomination to be grasped by someone who — let us plainly state the most important fact about Sanders — dislikes this nation…

Sanders’s prodigious fundraising can keep him campaigning but cannot fend off the failure that certainly awaits him now that Bloomberg, by his withdrawal, has underscored Democrats’ determination to let nothing interfere with defeating Trump. So, the country soon can turn to considering this:

Biden has twice experienced an agony that has become relatively rare but until recently in the human story was commonplace, that of a parent burying a child. This might be related to his approach to politics as an arena of transactions, not of ever-impending tragedies. Such emotional maturity is a prerequisite for restoring national equilibrium.