Cruise passengers not told about coronavirus test results prior to Pence announcement

Passengers aboard the Grand Princess cruise off the coast of California learned that 21 people aboard the ship tested positive for the novel coronavirus by watching Vice President Mike Pence’s announcement this afternoon.

In an audio address aboard the cruise after Pence’s news conference, the ship’s captain apologized to passengers over the loudspeaker.

“You may have heard this on the news by the media already and we apologize, but we were not given advance notice of this announcement by the U.S. Federal Government,” the captain said. “It would have been our preference to be the first to make this news available to you. These individuals will be notified of their test results as quickly as possible.”

The captain went on to say the individuals will be notified of the test results by the ship doctor as soon as possible. This includes two guests and 19 crew members.