Black voters shouldn't roll out red carpet for Biden

From his debate performances it’s clear he does not appear to grasp the urgency of the times. All he does is remind people he was Obama’s vice president and that he knows Washington because he’s long been a part of that system — a system that has failed time and again to produce change.

The full court press on Bernie Sanders’ campaign is a selfish, destructive effort by the white liberal establishment, who reject the revolutionary values and policies Sanders represents. Real change in our communities will not take place unless the establishment is forced to come to terms with its hypocritical politics as the vanguards of progress and diversity in black communities.

For example, take Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, whose overall policies have sidelined many black people in the city’s economic recovery. Yet, despite his disgraceful record on racial equity, Duggan enjoys the support of the older civil rights leadership in Detroit. It’s no accident that Duggan has endorsed Biden for president. White liberals are not interested in the type of revolution that Sanders seeks.