Yes, it's conservative to vote for Joe Biden in a primary

It’s true that Biden’s position on abortion may render him unacceptable to conservatives in a general election, but we have to be thinking about which Democrat is more acceptable as president. There’s no question that Biden would be better on that and every other issue than Sanders.

For starters, although Biden recently flip-flopped (and flipped again) on the Hyde Amendment (which limits taxpayer financing of abortions), his record provides two concrete details. First, he has never bought into the leftist obsession with abortion being a positive good, and contrary to Tim’s assertion, there is little evidence that Biden supports legalizing abortion past the fetal viability mark as defined in Roe v. Wade. And under Biden, as under Obama, abortions would likely continue to decrease just because of Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate and increases to Title X funding.

That may not be a good enough reason to vote for Biden over Trump, but that’s a stellar reason to want Biden over Sanders, who would surely push far past codifying Roe, would turn physicians into public employees who could not refuse to perform abortions, and unintentionally gut contraception accessibility with the disaster of “Medicare for all.”