Sanders in command as Super Tuesday nears

Sanders is spending the final 72 hours before Super Tuesday barnstorming the country, touching down in California, Utah and Minnesota, in addition to the Bay State. Earlier this week, he campaigned in Texas, Virginia and North Carolina, which are voting on March 3 as well.

His campaign events indicate that after cinching victories in New Hampshire and Nevada, Sanders’ team doesn’t believe he will likely finish first in South Carolina. At the same time, Sanders’ commanding position in the race — he is raking in enormous sums of money and coming off of two decisive wins — gives him flexibility to pursue a range of opportunities in Super Tuesday states that his rivals simply don’t have.

“He’s now in a fortunate situation where he’s able to spread the playing field everywhere. Really, I don’t know that there are any states he can’t play in on Super Tuesday,” said Mark Longabaugh, who served as Sanders’ senior adviser during his 2016 presidential campaign. “Maybe Alabama. Other than that, you got 14 states and I think he could win a lot of them.”