The White House shouldn’t downplay the coronavirus

This is exactly the wrong approach. The moment doesn’t call for market-reassuring Trump, but threats-aren’t-getting-past-our-borders Trump, not Dow 30,000 Trump, but drawbridge-and-moat Trump…

In this case, a czar would be not just a symbol of seriousness, but if the right person with a medical background were selected, like former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, it would provide genuine expertise in public health and the workings of government, as well as being a reliable source of public information.

It means erring on the side of further travel restrictions, even if it will be impossible to exclude infected people from the United States, given the spread of the virus to so many countries and the fact that it takes time for it to sicken people.

It means not quibbling with Congress over coronavirus funding, with even Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying the administration’s $2.5 billion request is a “little low.”

It means making sure the CDC is working at maximum efficiency to make coronavirus tests widely available, and government agencies are doing everything possible to push the development and deployment of a vaccine.

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