Warren: Bernie was against letting a plurality of delegates decide the nominee in 2016

QUESTION: He won 22 states, so he went to the convention for voters.

WARREN: No, that was Bernie’s position in 2016, that it should not go to the person who had a plurality. So — and remember, his last play was to super delegates.

So, the way I see this is you write the rules before you know where everybody stands, and then you stick with those rules. So, for me, Bernie had a big hand in writing these rules. I didn’t write them. But Bernie did. When we were putting — they were putting together the 2016 platform for the Democratic Convention, those are the rules that he wanted to write and others wanted to write. Everybody got in the race thinking that was the set of rules. I don’t see how come you get to change it just because he now thinks there is an advantage to him for doing that.

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