Avenatti moved to different jail after hitting "breaking point"

In a January letter of protest, Srebnick complained that the temperature of the 8’-x-10’ cell was in the mid 40s and that his client was “forced to sleep with three blankets … [and] not permitted to shave.” In the summer the temperature reportedly becomes debilitatingly hot.

Avenatti was transferred to 5 South, a general population facility, on Thursday, after one of his defense attorneys, Danya Perry, wrote an appeal to MCC — saying Avenatti had reached a “breaking point.”

“[Avenatti] was in a cell where everything he does is watched. He showered in view of cameras. He couldn’t control the lights [which reportedly never turn off],” Srebnick added of his client’s old 10 South cell. “There was no privacy.”

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