The candidate most likely to beat Trump is Trump

The Trump campaign is in an unusual position. It’s hard to see any of the Democrats beating him. Don’t blame that on a long and vicious primary, either. Trump did just fine in 2016 despite having to clear a large field of Republican challengers. The Democratic candidates aren’t that impressive, which explains why the field has been slow to winnow down to a final two or three. With stances such as a ban on fracking, Sanders will have an especially hard time winning battleground states such as Pennsylvania.

But it’s also hard not to see Trump doing numerous things to undermine his own campaign. Less than three weeks ago, Trump gave one of the best State of the Union addresses ever. He spent the first part of his speech detailing how great the economy is, and his showmanship was incredible.

He could have rode the good press from that speech for weeks. Two days later, he attacked his political rivals at the National Prayer Breakfast. On Tuesday, he commuted the sentence of corrupt former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. His own attorney general is threatening to resign if Trump keeps mouthing off on Twitter.

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