2020 is a mirror image of 2016

In New Hampshire, NeverTrump Bill Kristol is allegedly whipping votes for ‘moderate’ candidates behind to the scenes in an effort to thwart Sanders. This will only electrify Sanders’s supporters even more: ‘See, not only is the failed DNC trying to stop Bernie, but the Neocon Republicans are as well!’

Meanwhile, the Post and Courier is reporting that local GOP groups in South Carolina are leading ‘Get Out The Vote’ efforts for Sanders in hopes of elevating him to a primary win and almost unstoppable momentum heading into Nevada and Super Tuesday. This was the Democratic strategy with Donald Trump in 2016, and it didn’t end well. The GOP lifts up Bernie Sanders at its own peril.

The crystal ball tells us exactly how this all plays out; Bernie Sanders is going to take New Hampshire, most likely Nevada, and South Carolina becomes a toss up. Then, if Bernie twins a majority of Super Tuesday states, the primary season is effectively over. The question becomes which candidates fall in line for post-primary cable news gigs and possibly cabinet positions in a Sanders administration.