Chris Matthews erupts over prospect of Dems nominating a socialist

New weekend MSNBC Live host Alicia Menendez was the only panelist to even stray in Matthews’s direction, questioning whether a Sanders nomination would “be scary to Venezuelans and to Cubans in Florida.”

But by 11:08 p.m. Eastern, Matthews had enough, beginning his bender with the basic reality “that the Democratic Party has to figure out its ideology” and providing a brief history of early 20th century British politics.

Still loathing Trump, Matthews made this stunning claim about where his vote would go if Sanders sealed the nomination: “A lot of us will be sorting things out if the Democratic Party runs a socialist candidate.”

Matthews listed previous American welfare programs and then laid out his own thoughts about socialism, including fears about “getting executed” in New York’s Central Park if “the Reds had won the Cold War.”