Tucker Carlson's journey against the GOP's economic orthodoxy

Economic nationalism became a rallying cry at Trump events. But it seems the crux of Carlson’s discomfort in “America First” capitalism resides beyond winning trade wars and making foreign governments pay their fair share for international institutions, but when money is repatriated to the U.S. and increases wealth at home that this wealth serves a common good — one where communities can sustain themselves to preserve local heritage, ideals, etc.

“America First” policy only thrives if it avoids monopolistic tendencies and fills the coffers of the many, not the few. For Tucker and others, a sin of capitalism is that it can’t resist its demons.

In the flaming carcass of those it leaves behind is a masked-over cellophane of culture — a sterile afterthought of capitalism, in Carlson’s and some conservatives’ view. In part, they go hand in hand. Politics is downstream from culture, but capitalism is the dam on the river.