"Huge mistake": Senators in both parties rip impeachment press access

The Senate sergeant-at-arms and U.S. Capitol Police are looking to drastically curtail press access to lawmakers for the duration of the trial, which could last more than two weeks. Among the potential restrictions, according to a letter sent to Senate leadership from the Standing Committee of Correspondents, are confining reporters to a press pen on the second floor of the Capitol and limiting their ability to walk with senators from the Senate subways…

The press restrictions come after the 2018 confirmation hearing of Kavanaugh, during which the chamber was flooded with protesters following allegations that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford when they were teenagers. Then-Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) was famously confronted by two female protesters on the way to a key vote on Kavanaugh.

Senate Rules Chairman Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) acknowledged Tuesday that he’s more worried about protesters in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh hearings.

“I’m concerned about that,” Blunt said. “The ability of members to move to this important responsibility without having to fight their way onto an elevator or fight their way between people who come between them in the [Senate] buildings, that’s my concern.”

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