White evangelicals love Trump. Religious voters? Not so much.

Even when we concentrate on born-again evangelicals, there are plenty of nonwhite Americans. In fact, nearly 40% of born-again evangelicals nationwide are not white. This includes nearly 20% who are African American. (In a Democratic primary, the majority of born-again evangelicals are nonwhite.)

Simply put, Trump’s not popular with nonwhite born-again evangelical voters. His approval rating with them was a mere 29% in an average of April and May CNN polls. Among African American born-again evangelicals, Trump’s average approval rating was just 7%. These figures are pretty much unchanged from the percentage of these groups who voted for Trump in 2016, according to the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES).

When you combine white and nonwhite born-again evangelicals, Trump currently has an approval rating in the high 50s. That’s certainly higher than his overall approval rating in the 40s. It isn’t, however, anywhere near as high as the vast majority of white born-again evangelicals who back him.