The decade’s top 10 most spectacular falls from grace

Harvey Weinstein (2017)

The scandal that launched a movement, for good and for ill. In October 2017, an exposé was published detailing the famed producer’s long and storied history of sexual harassment and assault. Eventually, more than 80 actresses, Miramax employees, and production assistants came forward and accused Weinstein of misconduct of some form or other.

The Weinstein scandal launched the Me Too movement, which encouraged women to speak out about their experiences with harassment and assault, and many more powerful men, including Matt Lauer, Al Franken, and Bill O’Reilly lost their jobs due to allegations of sexual misconduct. While she did not allege harassment at the hands of Weinstein, actress Alyssa Milano inserted herself as a focal point of the movement, transferring the newfound press she attained to push for a wide variety of unrelated leftist causes.