Stefanik embraces spotlight at impeachment hearings

It appears, as one longtime admirer of hers put it, that Stefanik has “gone the full MAGA,” a shorthand for those who become all-in supporters of Trump and his Make America Great Again movement.

One close observer of the congresswoman noted that “her profile is definitely on the rise, and with the number of retirements among senior house [Republicans], she’s positioned to seize a leading role in the very near future.”…

Stefanik was from the establishment wing of the Republican Party. In the Bush administration she worked for the second-term White House chief of staff, Joshua Bolten. During the 2012 election she worked for moderate Republican Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota. She later worked during that election on helping run debate prep for Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican who was Romney’s running mate and went on to become speaker of the House and one of Trump’s most prominent rivals and critics inside the GOP.

After the 2018 primaries, Stefanik drew national attention when she clashed with Republican leaders over the dwindling number of women inside the House GOP. An already low number of 23 female Republican House members shrank to just 13 after the midterms, prompting Stefanik to withdraw her participation from the National Republican Congressional Committee, where she had been head of candidate recruitment.

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