The impeachment calculus Democrats don't want to talk about

While the senators couldn’t talk during the day, they would almost certainly be a presence on TV as soon as the Senate adjourned in the evening. “All five or six of the senators will be camped out on Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes or Lawrence O’Donnell,” he said, speaking of the primetime MSNBC lineup. “You have to think the Democratic primary electorate will be as engrossed in the story and soap opera as everyone else. It will cast a looming shadow over the race in those final months.”

For Sanders and Warren, the common view is that their time would be better spent in Iowa and New Hampshire, rather than Washington. For Booker, Harris, Klobuchar and Bennet, all of whom are in single digits in the polls, impeachment might serve as an arena that could showcase their talents as a senator and shake up the race. “Each of the candidates have qualities that might benefit from impeachment,” said the third aide. “Maybe it’s who can make the case that they are the rule of law candidate? The mood could change in a way that voters suddenly look for new qualities about the candidates. Maybe it helps Pete because he’s fresh and different. Maybe Warren because it focuses attention on her anti-corruption plan…

Kamala or Klobuchar because they were prosecutors. It just gives you a new platform to talk about this stuff and get you in front of a lot of eyeballs.”

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