Bloomberg is Biden’s best friend

Indeed, it’s not clear why Mr. Biden wouldn’t welcome Mr. Bloomberg’s tens of millions of spending to reinforce Mr. Biden’s own message about his ultraliberal rivals’ unaffordable plans and unelectable demeanors. Mr. Bloomberg is not going to unlimber his wallet to savage Mr. Biden (the realistic if ruthless way to proceed if he really hopes to replace Mr. Biden in the moderate lane). Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t want to be remembered for helping Elizabeth Warren to the nomination and Mr. Trump to re-election. I wouldn’t even rule out the possibility that Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Biden are already somehow in cahoots.

The issue is purely academic, but there’s another flaw in the Bloomberg-for-president scenario. He’s no Donald Trump in many respects, one of them bad. He doesn’t have, and never will, Mr. Trump’s rock-solid and passionate support among a sizable swath of the electorate. I’ll go out on a limb and say perhaps seven people in Washington genuinely admire and respect Donald Trump as a person, but only a few such as Hillary Clinton have committed the political malpractice of extending their vocal disdain to his voters.

If you want to see how far a president can get without a such a true base of support in the electorate, make Mike Bloomberg chief executive.

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