Women running for office have to worry about one more thing: Their phones

Online harassment of female politicians is nothing new. But as more and more young people enter the political arena, and as we rely on our cellphones more than ever, it’s “a whole different ballgame,” Ms. Guillermo said.

“The training that we’re providing them is reminding them that all of the stuff that they have on their phones, that they have on their computers, could get somewhere someday,” she added.

Ms. Zideyah said that she and many of the women who attended the Ignite training were aware that they had to be careful about their social media posts, but worrying about what was stored on their phones was new.

“As an online human, you don’t think that those kinds of things are going to be used against you or leaked, especially from people that are closest to you,” Ms. Zideyah said. “But I do think that now that sort of training has to be implemented, because what you should keep on a phone is becoming a serious issue.”