Poll: Would proof of a quid pro quo matter? Maybe not

More important, perhaps, is that Sondland’s change of testimony is unlikely to move Republicans. Most Republicans polled in recent days believe there was no quid pro quo. Two-thirds (66%) say he did not purposefully withhold military aid to Ukraine in order to prompt the country to investigate Biden.

While that percentage may change with the new information, it may not make a difference to the outcome. Several Republican Senators, like South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham and Texas Senator John Cornyn, have suggested that a quid pro quo might not rise to the level of an impeachable offense, though they both have noted that it would depend on the circumstances. In this poll, most Republicans believe even if the request was for an investigation into Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s action in Ukraine, it wouldn’t matter, as it would not be an impeachable offense.

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