Free Lori Loughlin

Now, it may well be standard procedure for prosecutors to add new charges when their targets refuse to plead. But does anyone else think it a stretch to argue that two California residents bribing their children’s way into a private California university are committing a crime against the federal government? Or that the statutes she’s accused of violating, such as bribery or money laundering in connection with a program that receives federal funding, were really intended to go after people such as Ms. Loughlin?…

Then there’s the FBI. In March the Los Angeles Times reported that Ms. Huffman was arrested and handcuffed by agents, some with guns drawn, who surprised her at home at 6 a.m. The FBI apparently came to Ms. Loughlin’s house the same morning at about the same time. But since she was away filming in Vancouver, they had to settle for arresting her husband and arranging for Ms. Loughlin to surrender herself the next day.

Are these dramatic dawn visits really necessary? We’re dealing with Lori and Mossimo—an actress and a fashion designer—not Bonnie and Clyde. If federal prosecutors end up filing criminal charges against, say, former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, will his family also be treated to a dawn raid by agents with guns drawn?

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