Mitch McConnell's extraordinary efforts to say nothing at all

Notably, the Kentucky Republican’s nonresponses came just a day after Trump had implored congressional Republicans to spend more energy defending his actions on that phone call, which he has described as “perfect,” and not just to complain about the closed-door investigative process by House Democrats.

“Concerning Col. Vindman’s testimony, what he heard on the President’s call, that conversation with the Ukrainian leader was so concerning that he worried it might undermine US national security. Does it concern you? Are you worried about the President’s behavior at all?” the reporter asked McConnell.

In response, the GOP Senate leader answered a different question, one that was never asked, about charges from some of Trump’s supporters that Vindman might not be patriotic because he was born in Ukraine.

“I’m not gonna question the patriotism of any of the people who are coming forward,” McConnell volunteered.

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