Beto O'Rourke "open to the idea" of letting people use AR-15s at hunting clubs, gun ranges

During a visit to North High School in Des Moines that included a tour and town hall-style school assembly, a student told O’Rourke he has used an AR-15 for hunting deer and asked about how O’Rourke’s gun policy would affect people who do.

O’Rourke responded that it was the first time he had heard the case for using an AR-15 to hunt deer, but he said he has heard from Texas ranchers and farmers who use them to fend off feral hogs.

“Perhaps a way to address a legitimate concern or need is to ensure that those who have or want to use an AR-15 are able to keep it at a hunting club or at a gun range so that there is some control and safeguard still placed on that firearm,” he said.