Forget Trump, Republicans. Save the GOP for the sake of your party's future.

If the GOP doesn’t recover its values, it will be hard to take the party seriously when it claims that a Democrat is doing something wrong. Its candidates, moreover, will struggle to articulate what their party stands for:

►Family values? Not when the president brags of grabbing women and pays hush money to a porn star.

►The rule of law and constitutional governance? Not when the president misuses his powers for political gain.

►Limited government? Not when the president uses levers of power to go after the head of Amazon, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, the state of California, the auto industry, America’s closest allies and many others — simply because they refuse to carry his water.

►Concern for conflicts of interest? Not when the president selects one his own resorts to host the summit of the Group of Seven major industrial nations.

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