Warren’s big weakness: She doesn’t tell the truth

If you pay attention to the debates, you see that she very pointedly will not answer straight-forward questions about taxes going up under her healthcare plan. This avoidance has happened at every single debate. Everyone on stage points it out. Even the moderators see it and highlight it.

And the worst part is that Bernie Sanders is standing right next to her answering the same question truthfully, even though it’s inconvenient. He explains that yes, your taxes will go up, but that they will be offset by you spending less money every month on health insurance and services.

Elizabeth Warren absolutely refuses to say the first part of this out loud.

Add this all up and Warren is now running the risk of having the knock on her being that “she doesn’t tell the truth.”

It is untenable to present voters with a character whose narrative is “wonky technocrat” but whose vulnerability is “she doesn’t tell the truth.”

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