Time for Trump to trigger the UN snapback on Iran

The problem is the structure of the deal itself, which was locked in by UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2231. Over the next few years, this resolution requires the permanent termination of UN restrictions on Iran’s arms trade, ballistic-missile development, uranium enrichment and plutonium-related work. These are the infamous “sunset clauses” built into the deal that lift all the UN’s nuclear and even non-nuclear restrictions on Iran.

In other words, without action, UNSCR 2231 will soon bulldoze what few speed bumps remain at the international level to slow down the full development and deployment of Iran’s nuclear program and aggression. That was the price Iran demanded when the Obama-Iran nuclear deal was signed — and the Obama administration was all too willing to comply.

There is, however, a way to reverse course, prevent international pressure from evaporating forever and restore the restrictions lifted by the deal: the so-called snapback mechanism, which allows any of the original parties of the deal, in effect, to reverse the resolution.

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