"Piled with garbage": Abortion doctor with thousands of fetuses in cardboard boxes was a hoarder

Kevin Bolger, the attorney representing Klopfer’s wife, Sherry, told the Washington Examiner that the garage where the remains were discovered was so full of personal belongings that people couldn’t open the door to walk into it. The rest of the house was similar.

“He was a hoarder and the house was floor to ceiling piled with garbage and boxes, old TVs, typewriters, and computers, you name it … You can barely walk down the hallways in the home,” Bolger said.

Police confirmed Thursday at a press conference that they had not found fetal remains elsewhere in the house or on the property. They also did not find evidence that Klopfer performed abortions at his home.

“I have never seen anything like this ever,” Will County Sheriff Mike Kelly, who has been working for 31 years, said of the home’s condition. “It’s one of those once in a lifetime things.”