Hong Kong protesters wave the American flag, but is it too late?

They see something in us. We can see something of ourselves in them.

To state the obvious, everyone paying attention here in the States loves the Hong Kongers. Truly. I think we see our best selves in them. And the Hong Kongers waving American flags still see something in us, something that they want to be.

In fact, that’s what’s bothering me. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Have you heard Hong Kong’s new anthem? Perhaps it is a national anthem in the making. Don’t tell some of your more squeamish conservatives, but Hong Kongers — innovative though they are — are sticking to the old standbys when trying to rouse fellow feeling; the anthem includes prominent mentions of “blood” and “soil.” Martyrs for freedom tend to make it into anthems. Due process not so much, though that is what they are fighting for.