Texas poll: 48% say they definitely won't vote for Trump next year

Texas voters say 89 – 8 percent that they support background checks for all gun buyers. However, only half of voters say they support a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons, with 50 percent supporting the policy and 43 percent opposing it. Voters are divided on their opinions about purchasing and carrying guns in Texas: 48 percent say it is too easy to buy a gun in Texas, while 42 percent say it is about right and 3 percent say it is too difficult. If more people carried guns, 44 percent of voters say that Texas would be less safe, while 42 percent say that Texas would be safer. Whether or not it makes Texas safer, however, voters support 54 – 41 percent allowing licensed gun owners to carry guns in churches, synagogues, and other places of worship.

President Trump’s job approval rating remains marginally underwater in Texas, with 45 percent of registered voters saying that they approve and 50 percent saying that they disapprove. Thinking ahead to 2020, 48 percent of Texas voters say that they would definitely not vote for Trump if he was the Republican nominee, while 35 percent say that they would definitely vote for him and 14 percent say that they would consider voting for him.