What was Trump thinking by inviting the Taliban to Camp David?

►Substance. Not yet ready for prime time, certainly not presidential time. It might be one thing if the agreement under consideration offered a comprehensive end to the Afghan war. But despite administration insistence that it’s aiming for a withdrawal agreement leading to a peace agreement, the effort underway right now is neither. Imagine the president presiding over an agreement that calls for a reduction in violence but not a comprehensive cease-fire, and can’t even guarantee that an inter-Afghan dialogue with Taliban can be sustained.

Trump would find himself rightly hammered after next U.S. death at Taliban hands, trusting Taliban assurances with nothing credible to back them up. And worse, from his point of view, he would be hearing echoes of his own attacks on President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. I can imagine exactly what we’d hear from the self-styled world’s greatest negotiator: “This is the best deal we could get.”