It's time to create a libertarian ecosystem that doesn't welcome racists

Libertarian failure (or refusal) to recognize the non-state function of racism in American society today likewise makes our movement unappealing to black and other minority Americans regardless of the value of our ideas, Blanks continues. And some libertarians’ willingness to partner with anti-statists of any stripe is also much to blame. This is best exemplified, of course, by the disgraceful “paleolibertarian” strategy of the 1980s and 1990s (in which some libertarians pursued “an open strategy of exploiting racial and class resentment to build a coalition with populist ‘paleoconservatives'”), but it is not entirely absent from the present movement. See, for instance, this appalling post from former a Libertarian Party vice-chair, made in defense of his decision to appear on a white nationalist podcast.

This sort of thing does not only turn American minorities away from libertarians. It also turns racists toward us. And just as Carney says to conservatives, it is incumbent on libertarians to create an ideological ecosystem that doesn’t welcome racism. Our movement must make exceedingly clear that we are not congenial to white nationalism, even if the white nationalists happen to agree with us about the welfare state. (This should not have to be said!) As Carney notes, this is not for the sake of reputation. It’s about doing the right thing. We should be actively making the libertarian movement a hostile environment for racism.