Joe Biden needs an intervention

But now this ancient, crusty nimrod wants to have his finger on the button. At 76 today, he’s just not all there, and he was never much there to begin with. His handlers will rightly worry that when he wanders down to the Oval Office in the morning he’ll be in a loose, flapping bathrobe because he forgot to change out of his pajamas. Assuming he was even sleeping in PJs and not going commando. It’s not like the Oval Office hasn’t been the scene of cringey antics before. Four years of this guy? He can’t handle four minutes onstage without embarrassing himself.

Joe desperately needs an intervention, but he won’t get one. We normal people think he’s a Dumb Man Walking, and the polls indicate way too many Democrats think he’s the cream of their commie candidate crop, the one with the best chance to take on Trump. So, he’ll keep mortgaging his dignity until he either wins the nomination or the Democrats decide to go all-in on the Stalinist, or the Squaw, or the Furry, or Stevie Nicks 2.0, or one of the other members of their primary freak show’s cast.

Right now, Trump’s gotta be rolling with laughter.