College football is bad football

The fact that 100,000 thousand adults will file, full of booze, into Michigan’s stadium to watch 19-year-olds play a pathetic version of a man’s game should trouble us. The millions, maybe billions of dollars that adults spend betting on it should too. Aggrandizing a mediocre display of athletics does not accrue to the common good.

What’s going on here is cultural lag. In the first half of the 20th century, college football was football. The NFL was a distant dream and teams like West Point and the University of Pennsylvania were dominant forces. But as the game gained popularity, a better variety emerged. Professional football came into being and created a game that makes college look like a Foosball tournament compared to the World Cup.

Look, I don’t want to be the Grinch. I don’t want to take joy out of anybody’s life. If you like watching an inferior game played by kids, that’s your right. But don’t pretend it’s some pure version of the game. It isn’t. It’s an inferior version of the game that is usually as dull as plain donuts. Yay! Let’s all get excited about Alabama’s 900-point victory over whatever tech!

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