Bias has killed the NYT, and Dean Baquet fired the fatal shot

Not once does he express any doubt that Trump is guilty as charged, or say that reporters should not be expressing partisan opinions. He’s only quibbling over how to present the agreed-upon conclusions.

Indeed, there is zero evidence in the transcript that anyone in the room objects. Even allowing that some might have doubts about an entire news organization speaking with one scripted voice, the silence shows nobody felt secure enough to say so. No safe spaces for dissenters there.

The failure of anyone to recognize that the approach violates the paper’s historic standards of fairness and the strict separation of news from opinion speaks volumes about how low the Times has sunk.

If there is a silver lining, it is that the public has been warned. Readers who want straight facts and fair play won’t find it in the Times. All they will get is a biased agenda and a guaranteed conclusion.

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