What if Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden?

Here’s an interesting hypothetical to ponder: What if, in the next couple of weeks, Kamala Harris picked up the phone to Joe Biden and said, “Joe, let’s cut a deal. I will endorse you if you make me your running mate. If we work together we can wrap up this primary race and focus on beating Trump.”

I don’t think that proposition is as unlikely as some presume.

For a start, both candidates would gain much by their alliance. Biden would gain a campaigner who has the intellect and aggression to launch effective attacks on Trump and Vice President Pence. Harris would also be a formidable fundraiser with the celebrity Left. Perhaps most important to Biden, Harris would offer a female minority counterpart to his older white male identity. Being an older white male isn’t exactly the favored look of the 2020 Democratic Party. Women voters are also expected to be just as critical in the 2020 elections as they were in the 2018 midterms.

What of Harris’ interests?