Inside Trump's feud with Anthony Scaramucci

As President Donald Trump’s feud with Anthony Scaramucci stretches past the brief flicker of time he served in the White House, the president’s supporters have been taking their own whacks at the man who has suddenly become Public Enemy No. 1…

As one former senior White House official described it, the Twitter-powered opprobrium the president has directed at his one-time aide — along with his private praise of others’ follow-on attacks — amounts to clear instructions for people around Trump to “fire at will” at Scaramucci.

“He takes extra pleasure in seeing people tee off on Anthony,” said the person close to the White House. “The signal was very clear when he started tweeting about it mercilessly. There’s a reason that the pile-on continues.”

Allies have started spreading dirt on Scaramucci in right-wing outlets, and the word has gone out to people in Trump’s orbit to “go after him,” as one of the sources put it, by launching personal attacks on the New York-based investor, seeking to discredit what he’s saying about the president and accusing him of being a phony.

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