Not sorry, Boomers: Woodstock was a bad trip

Established food vendors wanted nothing to do with Woodstock, so the promoters hired an inexperienced group called “Food For Love.” As their supplies ran out, they naturally increased prices, which resulted in angry mobs burning down two concession stands. The “Hog Farm Collective” hired for security and support services stepped in with emergency supplies of brown rice, vegetables, and granola.

The worst example, however, was the sanitation that had Wallkill so concerned. There were only 600 toilets on site, meaning there were as few as one for every 833 attendees. People might have to wait an hour to use a toilet; many chose not to wait, enriching the pre-existing manure in the process. Moreover, the toilets themselves became overwhelmed, polluting the air and earth alike.

The awful sanitary conditions were aggravated by the weather. There was rain throughout Friday night, tapering to a drizzle until Saturday afternoon, more rain Saturday night, and a torrential downpour on Sunday afternoon. As one attendee put it, “It was a quagmire. It sucked your shoes off. It was not only mud, but cow manure and it was so dark it looked like chocolate syrup.”