Report: MoviePass changed users passwords so that they couldn't see movies

Subscribers may also remember the weekend in 2018 when MoviePass refused to let some folks see Mission Impossible: Fallout. According to Business Insider:

“…the temporary loss of cash led Lowe to make “Mission: Impossible — Fallout,” among the most anticipated releases of the year, unavailable on MoviePass. He also ordered that half of subscribers be frozen out the weekend of its release, former employees said. Complaints once again appeared online, leading MoviePass to send out a tweet saying it was “working on a fix towards this technical issue.”

There were also multiple cases of the MoviePass app suddenly claiming that certain movies had no more screenings at their local theaters, even if those theaters weren’t actually busy.

“Per Lowe’s orders, big blockbusters would no longer be available on the app. MoviePass also enforced what it called a “trip wire,” an automatic shutdown mechanism for all users that would be activated if MoviePass went past a certain amount balance. If money ever ran out, subscribers would see the following message on the app: “There are no more screenings at this theater today.”

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