Tucker Carlson has failed to assimilate

But isn’t “failure to assimilate” an accurate way to characterize Carlson’s angry identitarianism? Carlson, who broadcasts to millions of viewers on national television, keeps fueling xenophobia and needless social strife by singling out people who weren’t born in America for special ire, then attributing negative qualities to whole groups. He just can’t get with the program of the American experiment…

I think Carlson divides America. And I’d rather hear the views of the first 100 immigrants listed in the Boston phone book than those of Carlson and his Fox producers. Many call Carlson’s show “racist,” which I would resist—strictly speaking it is more accurate to call it xenophobic, animus-filled, prejudicial, poorly reasoned, and bigoted.

As a natural born American like Carlson, I hope no one groups us together and makes assumptions about me based on his views. I ask not to be judged for his words.

Update: A statement from Justin Wells, executive producer of Tucker’s show: “Anyone who values democracy and free expression should be gravely concerned when members of Congress demand that their critics be silenced. Tucker will address this on tonight’s show.”

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