The Internet has been great for conservative speech; let’s keep it that way

Josh Hawley’s plan to regulate Big Tech companies has finally taken form.

The Missouri senator just introduced the “Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act,” which would modify section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in an attempt to deal with alleged conservative bias by social media companies. Section 230 was originally put in place to provide legal protections to online intermediaries that host speech from third parties, such as Facebook and YouTube, so they aren’t held liable for content users post on their platforms. It also allows these companies to moderate their content.

Hawley’s modification would require companies that host either 30 million active monthly users in the United States, 300 million users globally, or more than $500 million in global annual revenue to engage in “politically unbiased content moderation.” The companies would lose their Section 230 protection unless the Federal Trade Commission certified that they “do not moderate information provided by other information content providers in a manner that is biased against a political party, political candidate or political viewpoint.” They would have to receive this certification every two years.

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