"He's their man": Why do bikers love Trump so much?

At its core, American biker subculture is rooted in the idea of rebellion – against society’s norms and against authority. It is about brash individualism, of saying and doing what you want, despite what others may think. In Trump, many bikers have found an unlikely idol: a non-biker real estate billionaire who nonetheless paints himself as a rebel, outsider and disruptor.

“I think they like his crudeness, his rudeness,” said Bill Thompson, a lifelong biker who is and professor of sociology at Texas A&M University Commerce, where he studies motorcycle culture…

“Personally, I think it’s because he’s for the commoner, he wants to make sure everybody gets a fair shake,” says Vince Kenyon, 53, who was wearing a leather Bikers for Trump vest while smoking a cigar. “When they see somebody doing good, bikers will come together and support that person.”

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